I had never heard of Herman before, when I received my mix and although I love trying new recipes and baking, especially banana breads, my first thoughts were, oh heck!  What do I do?  Will it be easy?  I was worried about killing him or the cat eating him (yes my cat does jump onto my kitchen worktops, how can you stop them?).

However, once I got used to my new kitchen friend, I followed the instructions, lovingly stirring him, feeding him when required and I talking to him every day.  I was really surprised how easy it was to look after Herman and couldn’t wait for the day to arrive when I would have a lovely cake to try.

Day 9 soon arrived meaning it was time to divide my Herman up and send him off to my unsuspecting friends.  I gave my 3 chosen friends a copy of the instructions along with Herman and I told them that they must love and care for him as I had and that they must talk to him.  I also told them not to worry, that it was easy, and that they would be rewarded with a wonderful yummy cake at the end of 10 days.

I baked my Herman on day 10 and shared him with my friends who were currently caring for their Herman’s.  We all loved him and I hope one of my friends gives a Herman back to me, so that I can once again have my very own Herman to care for and also to try a different recipe with next time.