I opted for a carrot cake this time, very yummy it was too, so much so the picture isn’t of a whole cake (giggle)

Some Herman veterans were likewise impressed and thought it didn’t taste like a typical Herman, probably down to the week of neglect the poor thing suffered prior to baking!

Heck, I forgot to stir it, feed it on time, and darn me if my carrots hadn’t gone soft (blummin hard to grate soft carrots I can tell you!), plus my oven decided to have a fit and maintain a cooler temperature to normal – taking nearly two hours to cook. But… It all turned out (relatively) ok in the end, tad anaemic looking (makes a change to the burnt look on all the others) and sunken but very tasty.

Substitute apples / raisins / cinnamon for: one generous cup grated carrot (bout 3 medium sized ones) heaped tsp mixed spice (although I guess cinnamon would be OK). Enjoy

(Sorry if someone has already submitted carrot version, I don’t always check the recipes page as I make it up as I go along)

As for questions about Herman neglect…. Well… Previous batch turned out fine, fed two days late, frequent forgetting to stir, and I didn’t bake on day ten, more like day 14 …. No disaster, tasted perfectly OK (could’ve had something to do with me making it an iced chocolate cake) was slightly dry but not sure if that was due to the neglect or lack of enough oil / over cooking…. Ho hum

by Sarah Hancock