I received my Herman from a teacher at the school where I work.  I took him up to the classroom that I work in and the children were very interested in him.  I told them that he was going to become a cake eventually.  They all had a look at the instructions for looking after Herman and one or two children had made him at home recently.

I took Herman home and looked after him for the required amount of time.  After stirring him and bringing home ‘messages’ from the children for him it was finally time to bake him.  I added apple and sultanas.  On top before he was baked I had to spread 1/4 cup of melted butter with 1/3 of a cup of brown sugar mixed in.

After Herman was cooked, I cooked another one.  When they were cool I cut them into pieces placed them in a cake container and took them to school.

The children had a test that morning and   to sweeten it a little I promised them cake break afterwards.  All the children had a piece of Herman and everyone enjoyed it.

I passed on two Herman starters to children in the class to bake at home.  He tasted delicious and I would definitely make him again.