I love your site I refer to it all the time. I had my first Herman a few weeks ago and since then I am hooked and have made 3 myself. The basic, a strawberry and white chocolate and my 3rd and so far best Herman cake a crystalised ginger, apricot and orange Herman. I did this with a starter that had been fed with brown sugar and I used Jenni’s basic Herman recipe but replaced the apple and raisin with the following:

3/4 cup of chopped ready to eat dried apricots loosely placed in the cup. To the apricots I added orange juice to the rim of the cup and the zest of an orange and left them to soak whilst mixing all other ingredients together. I left out the milk and added the apricot and orange juice from the cup of soaking apricots plus a cup of chopped crystallized ginger. This made a cake that was not as wet as the usual Herman but was still moist and very delicious. If you think you mix isn’t wet enough add more orange juice. I left off the sugar and butter coating.

Top Tips

  1. I use an oblong tin and cut the cooked cake into finger slices. I retained enough crystalised ginger pieces to place 2 pieces on the surface of the mixture in what what would be the top of each slice after cooking and slicing. This took a little time but was worth it as it ensured there was ginger in each slice and also that the crystalised ginger didn’t all sink to the bottom of the cake.
  2. I chopped the apricot and ginger into smallish pieces as experience told me they would sink in the cake as both are quite heavy and dense.
  3. I used a cheap long life orange juice made from concentrate as I find it’s not as sweet as fresh and better for cooking.

Kindest regards